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Dental Business Attorneys Help Establish Practices

Gorman & Associates has very extensive experience working with dental professionals over the past several years, in both North and South Carolina. Whether you are interested in starting up a practice, buying an existing practice, or simply have legal needs in your day to day business, we can help you with all of the legal aspects of your practice.  Whenever possible, we try to offer fixed fees for our services, instead of charging by the hour, so you know exactly what our services will cost.

For the dentist opening a startup practice, we can review office leases; incorporate your practice (either as a PA or PLLC); close the purchase of commercial property for your practice (whether through a conventional or SBA loan); form separate limited liability companies to hold commercial real property; register trade names for your practice; and deal with a wide range of labor and employment issues. If you are purchasing an existing practice, we can draft or review asset purchase agreements, as well as covenants not to compete, and answer and address all of your concerns as we close the transaction.

We also can assist you with your personal estate planning, and work with your accountant, lender, or financial advisor to make your life easier, by making a seamless transition between your professionals.

Dentists We Have Worked With

Listed here are some of the dentists, orthodontists, and dental property companies we have worked with (located in Charlotte, NC unless noted otherwise):

Jason Annan, DDS, PLLC (Charleston, SC)

Danielle Ezell Austin, DMD, PA (Rock Hill, SC)

Austin & Teague Dental, LLC (Rock Hill, SC)

Brett Baker, DDS

Nathan Beam, DDS- Beam Endodontics, PA (Fort Mill, SC)

Michael Berglass, DDS

Greg Bialek, DDS- Cabarrus Dental Properties, LLC

Suzanne E. Bird, DDS, MS, PA

Erron S. Brady, DMD, PA

Steven A. Brofsky, DMD, MS, PLLC

Greg Camp- Colony Dental Properties, LLC

Michael D. Caporal, DDS, PA

Daniel O. Carson, DDS, PA

Patrick Carter, DMD- Hopewell Family Dentistry, PA (Anderson, SC)

Muhummad Chauhan, DDS (Manning, SC)

Marti L. Cherry, DDS, PA- Arrowood Dental Properties, LLC

Thomas Cherry, DDS (Rock Hill, SC)

Woo-Jung Choe, DDS, PLLC- Steele Creek Dental

Sonia Chopra, DDS, PA

Jason Clark, DDS- Clark Pediatric Dentistry

Grant G. Coleman, DMD, MS

Larry Compton, DDS (Mooresville, NC)

L. Michelle Conner, DDS, PA- Beacon Dental Center; Park Road Dental Properties, LLC

Sean P. Connolly, DDS, PA- Senna Properties, LLC

Timothy L. Cox, DDS, PA- Carolina Dental Arts- Ballantyne Village

Venesa Crumpley, DDS, PLLC

Gina R. Davis, DDS, PA- Dental 1 Services, Inc.

Michael DeFee, DDS

Mitesh B. Dhulab, DMD, PA (Indian Trail, NC)

Amy J. Dover, DDS, MS, PA

Joseph R. Drake, DDS- Drake, DDS, Professional Association

John’e Jasper Epps, DDS, PA (Gates County, NC)

David L. Evans, DDS, PA- Evans Orthodontics

David G. Feeney, DDS- Matthews Dental Properties, LLC

Thomas R. Ferrell, DDS, PA (Davidson, NC)

M. Brad Forrest & Stacy Oller Forrest, DMD, PA- Forrest & Forrest Family Dentistry (Matthews, NC)

Mehul H. Gadhia, DMD, MSP, PLLC

Jenny Gandhi, DMD

Gregory C. Gell, DDS, MS, PA

Seyed Ghorshi, DDS, PLLC

Gregory C. Gill, DDS, MS, PA

Kristina S. Glidewell, DDS- Kalons & Glidewell, DDS, PA

Gonsalves & Wolff, DDS, PLLC (Mooresville, NC and Concord, NC)

Gonsalves & Wolff II, DDS, PLLC (Concord, NC)

Sheila Gordon-Holt, DDS, PA- Holt Family Dentistry; Maximus Property Group, LLC

Laura L. Grier, DDS, PA (Mooresville, NC)

Shari L. Grigsby, DDS, PA (Landlord Representation)- Dogwood Professional Plaza

Zhanying Guo, DDS, PA- Complete Dental Care of Mebane (Mebane, NC)

Sean R. Hair, DMD, PA

Angela M. Haller, DDS

Clark B. Hammock, DMD, PA

Shane A. Harpham, DDS- Sea Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, PLLC (Irmo, SC)

Steven L. Hatcher, DDS, PA

Taj M. Haynes, DMD, PA

Joseph R. Hendrick, Jr., DDS, PA (Shelby, NC)

Todd M. Hendrickson, DMD, PLLC

Oliver L. Hodge, Jr. and Associates, DDS, PA (Fayetteville, NC)

Kisha Steele Mitchell (Landlord Representation)- Dentistry for Kids (Huntersville, NC)

Joseph Anthony Hufanda, DDS, PA- Ballantyne Center for Dentistry

James C. Hull, DDS, MS

Turner Hull, DDS, MS

Drs. Hull & Coleman, PA- Hull & Coleman Orthodontics (Charlotte & Wesley Chapel, NC)

Brandi R. Jackson, DDS, MS, PLLC- Renaissance Shopping Center

Nikki E. Jones, DDS, PA- Trinity Cosmetic and General Dentistry

Bruno Kaldre, DDS (Landlord Representation)- Dent-Med Products, Inc.

Johanna S. Kalons, DDS

Jayne E. Kalu, DMD, PA- New World Dentistry (Concord, NC)

Vivek Kashyap, DDS

Kelley & Holt, PLLC

Mustafa Shah-Khan, DDS, PA

Tommy Kim, DDS- Prosperity Park

Patrick C.W. Kline, MD, DMD- Beaufort Oral and Facial Surgery, LLC (Beaufort, SC)

Mark Klopenstine, DDS- Springfield Family Dentistry, PA (Fort Mill, SC); Gabor Properties, LLC

Din Lam, MD, DDS

Tate C. Langdon, DDS, PA (Huntersville, NC)- Huntersville Dental Properties, LLC

Mark Lassiter, DDS- Lassiter and Associates, PLLC (Albemarle, NC); Norwood Dental Properties, LLC

Carmen L. Leary, DDS, PLLC- Viccar Properties, LLC

Stacy Lesley, DDS, PLLC (Concord, NC)

Leon C. Lester, Jr., DDS, PA- Lester Dental Properties, LLC

Bryan Lockhart, DDS- Lockhart Real Estate, LLC

William H. Logan, III, DMD, PA (Hendersonville, NC)

Bridgette L. Lornigan, DMD (Landlord Representation)

Andrew D. Lyons, II, DDS, PA

John A. Lyons, DDS, PA- The Smile Zone (Gastonia, NC)

Shane Markey, DDS, MS, PLLC- Lucky Charm Properties, LLC

David W. Markham, DDS, PA- Bannington Properties, LLC

Anthony Edward Marra, DDS, PLLC (Huntersville, NC)- Wein Properties, LLC

James Randall Marshall, DMD, PLLC

Chris F. McCain, DMD, PLLC

Stanley “Chip” McChristian, DMD (Hendersonville, NC)

Monique D. McEachern, PLLC

Sarah McKnight, DMD (Charleston, SC / Phoenix, AZ)

Brian K. McNeely, DDS, PA (Raleigh, NC)

Teresa T. Mercado, DDS- Monarch Dentistry, Inc. (Fort Mill, SC)

Joshua D. Miller, DMD, PLLC

Herbert J. Mills, DDS

K. Joi Minor, DDS, PA- Mooresville Dental Properties, LLC

W. Kevin Monroe, DDS, PA- Monroe Dental Properties, LLC

Minal Narayan- Apex Dental, PA (Rock Hill, SC)

Nguyen Tri Nguyen, DDS, PA

Al Niedan, DDS

Kimberly J. Nixon, DDS, PA

Clara Lucia Nunez-Romero, DDS, PLLC

Dr. Sunny Okoroji, MS, DDS, PA- Sunny Dental Center (Gastonia, NC)

Eugene Olsen, DDS

James Park, DDS

Shannon G. Parsons, DMD, PA- MRL Properties, LLC

Hiren Patel, DDS

Kish Patel, DDS, PA

Sean E. Patrick, DDS, PA- Plantation Dental Properties, LLC

Ramon D. Peleaux, DDS, MD, PA- Oral Surgeons of Charlotte

S. Ross Penland, DMD, PA (Newton, NC)

Nhung Phan, DMD- Lotus Dental Associates, LLC (Rock Hill, SC)

Stefan A. Ploszak, DDS, PA

Lorette Polite-Young, DDS, PA

Tina F. Pompey, DDS, PA- Sun Valley Family Dentistry

Jason Prescott, DMD- Prescott Family Dentistry, PA (Fort Mill, SC)

Bradford R. Pressley, DDS, PA (Cary, NC)

Prashant R. Rao, DDS and Yelena Brikina, DDS, PLLC- Cedar Walk Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Stephen A. Rendulich, DDS, PA- The Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants; Twin Palms, LLC

Andrew J. Rivers, DMD, PA (Mocksville, NC)

Robert Clayton Rogers, Jr., DDS (Landlord Representation) (Concord, NC)

John Ruocco & Associates, PA- Ruocco Dental (Waxhaw, NC)

Kavi Sagunarthy, DDS- Gold Hill Dentistry, PLLC (Fort Mill, SC); Gold Hill Property Investors, LLC

Barry M. Sautter, DDS, PA

Eric T. Schimpfhauser, DDS

Schimpfhauser and Haller, PLLC- Cureton Cosmetic & Family Dentistry (Waxhaw, NC)

Arthur R. Schramm, III, DDS, PA

Robert M. Selden, III, DDS, MS (Landlord Representation)- Selden Orthodontics (Huntersville, NC)

Anjali Seth, DDS- Carolina Smile Dentistry, LLC (Indian Land, SC)

Priveer D. Sharma, DMD- PDS Office, LLC

Jakub Skowronski, DMD, PA (Mooresville, NC)

J. Kendall Snow, DDS, MS

Harvey and Danielle Spencer- A Healthy Smile, PA (Rock Hill, SC); Carolina Dental Properties, LLC

Denise Swasty, DDS- Swasty Orthodontics, PA (Summerville, SC)

Mark Tadrissi, DDS, PA- Chopra & Tadrissi, PLLC

Krystal Myers Teague, DMD, PA (Rock Hill, SC)

Karen A. Thompson, DDS, PA- The Fountains Family Dentistry

Don G. Timpton, DDS & Associates, PA- Carmel Commons Dental

Taylor F. Townsend, DDS, PLLC (Spruce Pine, NC)

Gregory F. Valeriano, DDS, PA

Anastasia Voronina, DDS- Pageland Dentistry, PA (Pageland, SC); Pageland Dental Properties, LLC

Ginger G. Walford, DDS, PLLC- Marvin Village Dentistry

Dawn S. Wallace, DDS, PLLC (Mooresville, NC)

Jesse J. Walsh, DDS

John T. Walsh, DDS, PA- Dentistry of the Carolinas; DOC Property Management, LLC

Maylyn P. Welch, LLC (Fort Mill, SC)

Darren Wellenreiter, DDS, PLLC- Darren Wellenreiter, LLC

Stephanie L. Werner, DDS

Williams & Drake, DDS, PA

Kelly Brooks Wilson, DDS & Michael Scott Wilson, DDS- Doctors Wilson & Wilson, PLLC- Southview Dentistry

Valerie L. Yaniszewski, DMD Professional Corporation (Lancaster County, SC)

Christian Thomas Yaste, DDS, PA- Ballantyne Center for Dentistry

Seti Yemane-Byrd, DMD, PA

Robert L. Young, Jr., DDS, PLLC- RLLR Investments, LLC; Steele Creek Institute of Dental Education, LLC

Scott A. Young, DDS

Magi Adel Youssef, DDS, PLLC- Southern Family Dental (Spring Lake, NC)


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